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This guide contains nothing new! We have simply collated all of the available information we have about canoeing in Cornwall below. Please follow the green links below.

  • Useful information for paddlers in Cornwall

        Instant access to sea and weather conditions on the North Coast

        Access to weather forecasts and weather reports

        Coastguard and Emergency services

        Useful maps which ones cover the area, Guides

        Surf reports

    Low tide at Portreath
  • Places to paddle in Cornwall

    Details are given of how to access the coastline and estuaries of Cornwall from the estuary of the River Tamar above Plymouth to Bude and the border with Devon, some indication of the degree of difficulty (although this is of course also dependent on conditions) and any other useful information.

  • How the tides work in Cornwall

    A comprehensive guide to tidal information including 13 diagrams illustrating water flow through the whole tidal cycle around Cornwall.

  • Canoe Clubs in Cornwall

    The activities they offer, subscriptions, contact details etc.

  • Where to learn to kayak/canoe in Cornwall

    Details of all the courses known to the author.

  • Where you can buy canoes and gear in Cornwall

  • 01209 217114 mobile 07964 943193