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Useful information for paddlers in Cornwall

Instant access to sea and weather conditions on the North Coast

By computer Internet connection:
The Seven Stones Light-ship (24 km out on the way to the Scilly Isles) records all the data you need to know to kayak on the North Coast; try the link in green below. This gives essential information in detail with 22 hr history (time, wind strength & direction, history and gusts, height and period of sea, air pressure, air temperature, water temperature, dew point, visibility & more):


The BBC also displays coastal conditions and inshore waters forecast:


Once on this page there is the choice of forecast (select Lyme Regis to Lands End or Lands End to St Davids Head for forecast), coastal observations (currently being updated by the BBC and not available), Atlantic pressure charts, surf reports, coastguard and tide tables.

Access to weather forecasts and weather reports

XC weather is a free, accurate site designed for hang/para gliders and watersports users, and so focuses on wind speed. Not only are forecasts available but also accurate conditions are displayed when the mouse is moved over the relevant wind arrow. The author has used it successfully over many years for both conditions and forecasts, which have been accurate. This site is also available on an iphone (see site for details).


Atlantic FM has a useful 5 day forecast format:


For BBC forecasts (Met Office) see above section

Everything you need to know except sea state:

Lands End    www.landsendweather.info/met/mainframe.htm
Perranporth    www.sueandalan.plus.com/vantagepro/noUV.htm
Plymouth University (inc tides)    www.plymouth.ac.uk/metnet

For a mobile phone; essential information from the seven stones ship is available on a link below to copy to a WAP enabled mobile phone:


All the Cornish radio stations give full weather and surf conditions and forecast. Radio Cornwall probably has the most detail including observation from coastal stations all round the coast at approx 6.15, 7.15 & 8.15 am for other times see their web site or simply listen awhile.

Radio Cornwall         95.2 & 103.9 FM
Pirate FM              102.2 & 102.8 FM
Atlantic FM            105 107 FM

BBC Radio 4 broadcasts
Broadcast at 0048(LT), 0520(LT), 1201(LT) long wave only, 1754(LT)
Frequencies LW 198 kHz, MW (W Cornwall) 756kHz, Plymouth 774 kHz, FM 92.4-94.6 MHz

Weather reports from coastal stations follow the 0048 & 0520 forecasts
Reports of actual weather at coastal stations only after the 0048 broadcast.

Actual weather + 5 day forecast for inshore weather: 09068 96948 (Lyme Regis to Hartland Point)
Calls from landline cost 60p/min, for mobile ask vendor or contact:   www.marinecall.co.uk
N.B. Marinecall also offer an extensive subscription service on their website

XC weather for the iphone see above
Weather texts from Metmarine: 0207 6177817   www.metmarine.com
To obtain a forecast by text contact Metmarine on the above no for details. The website offers useful forecasting.

The Western Morning News: for daily weather, surf reports and forecast and pressure chart
Weekly The West Briton and the Falmouth Packet both give tide tables for the week.

Coastguard and Emergency services

Maritime Rescue Centre - Falmouth (01326) 310811

Useful maps which ones cover the area, Guides

Ordinance Survey
South Coast:
                 200 Newquay & Bodmin
                 201 Plymouth & Launceston
                 203 Lands End & Isles of Scilly
                 204 Truro & Falmouth

For a full range of Admiralty charts go to:

Worth considering is the folio of charts; Tough Charts SC 5904 (can be used without a cover being waterproof) and standard charts: SC 1267 Falmouth to Plymouth, SC 777 Lands End to Falmouth.

C7 Falmouth to the Isles of Scilly & Newquay 1: 100,000
C14 Lizard Point to Start Point 1:100,000

13 Start Point to Trevose Head (all weather chart) 1: 176,000
(Before purchase check that it has been updated to WGS 84 datum which is fully compatible with GPS).

Inshore Britain, Stuart Fisher pub Imray laurie Norie & Wilson 2006
South west Sea kayaking Mark Rainsley, Preseda Press 2008
For tidal information see section on tides.

Surf Reports & sea state in Looe area

See above and   http://magicseaweed.com/
For the north coast with Polzeath webcam:   www.annscottagesurf.co.uk/surfcast.aspx
To see what conditions at Looe are like:   www.looe.co.uk/webcam/webcam.htm

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