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       Skin on frame Greenland kayaks


    New Products and Projects

    The "Surf"

    I was commissioned by a customer to design and build a skin on frame surf kayak that would also be suitable for general pottering with the club, rock dodging and playing in tidal spots. For this it needed to have a hull that would surf well and yet be dry in waves, happily cruise - tracking well at three and a half knots all day. After a fair bit of testing I am pleased to report that the boat performs to these paramaters.

    The "Surf" 3.8m x 57cm (12' 5'' x 22 1/2'') vol 240 litres. Capacity 1 light paddler + the full gear for a day out. PHOTO by BOB FROST

    I currently custom build Skin on Frame Kayaks and Greenland Paddles, these boats below of epoxy ply are in design or being tested:

    Work in Progress: - the Slalom Project

    The Slalom Project is revisiting the Slalom Kayaks of the 1960's and 70's some of which - such as the Jaycee Merano and the Streamlyte KW7 were good general purpose sea kayaks. The problem they had was weathercocking, but just imagine how well they would have performed with an adjustable skeg and a little more volume. The design shown below is a development of the "Surf" kayak shown above with another seven inches of length to bring it up to four metres. It still requires an extra chine on the deck before the design is complete. An epoxy ply prototype should be completed this summer. Volume of the kayak above should be in the region of 280 litres, payload in the region of 105 kg (paddler + gear)

    Windcheather sea kayak This new approach to sea kayak design seeks to reduce weight by cramming as much volume as possible into a much shorter length (14' 6'') and seeks to improve handling in wind through a low slippery profile - putting the most volume in the centre of the boat where the paddler is. A prototype has been in use for a couple of years now. Length 4.33m, beam 58cm, vol360L, payload 115kg at 11cm draft.

    Design Specification

  • It is volume and its distribution more than bow shape, which keeps a boat safe and dry.
  • Wind as much as sea state limits a paddler’s capabilities.
  • The Windcheater, through maximising volume under a low profile would aim to be as slippery in the wind as possible. The low profile (max deck to keel depth of 27cm) should also facilitate the best use of the Greenland paddle.
  • With a total volume of 360 litres, displacement 130 kg, (290lb) @ 11cm (4.5 inch) draft; the boat should have the capacity for light expeditions. Overall & waterline length 4.3 metres, beam 58cm 22 1/2''.
  • Designed to cruise at four knots, and be sporty: - highly manouverable in rocks & races, surf well in a following sea.
  • Transom to maximise volume and give good accelleration in a following sea.

    Flat water racing projects

  • 1. There is a shortage of suitable kayaks to progress from the lightening to a K1, the problem being that the K1 is simply too long for a light person who cannot sit a narrow hull, draft being too low to maintain a low wetted area etc. The solution in design is to step up to a kayak of intermediate length, approx 16', which for a light paddler would be competitive in up to division 5 in marathon racing. For simplicity of manufacture a double chine ply kit is being considered.
  • 2. The same principle described above is also being applied to the C1.
  • Neither of these K1 projects is likely to see the light of day this year.

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