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        Skin on frame Greenland kayaks

    Skin on frame Kayaks

    These craft have a durable impact resistant frame and a skin capable of withstanding puncture and abrasion. They are every bit as strong as a composite kayak on the water and much lighter, adaptable to custom sizing and accessible to home building. Of hand made craft, these are the easiest and quickest to construct, which makes them good value.

    Two Designs

    The Alacrity                                              Traditional Greenland Kayak

    launch photo of Godrevey kayakskin on Frame Greenland Kayak

    Two, day / overnight kayaks.

    Fast lively,
    fun to paddle.

    At 13-17 kg, easy to lift unaided.

    Standard Kayak 16' 3'' x 22.5''                                                                 Standard Kayak 17' 6'' x 21.5''

    The Alacrity is fitted with a keyhole cockpit only, the Greenland Kayak ocean or keyhole (£50 extra). Both boats come with five deck straps, foot pegs as well as being stuffed with bouyancy bags forward of the footrest and aft of the cockpit. Good for greenland rolling, both kayaks are fast and fun. The Alacrity ("brisk and cheerful readiness"), of Swedish form, based on a Brian Schultz design is the more stable, adaptable and lighter to carry of the two. The Greenland kayak is a Western interpretation of the originals; a boat for day trips, developing bracing and rolling skills, finding a feeling of oneness with the sea:

    “The narrow beam and low decks of the Greenland Kayak give it speed and a low profile in the wind, making it a wonderful boat to paddle in rough conditions”…”These characteristics put the Greenland kayak at the high-performance, low volume end of contemporary kayak design”
    Chris Cunningham Editor of Sea Kayaker magazine


  • These kayaks have gunwales, deck beams and stringers of Cornish grown Western Red Cedar which is both light and string. Ribs are of oak.
  • Deck beams and ribs are morticed into the gunwhale; pinned too - as are many other joints. Others are lashed to produce a structure with few stress points.
  • Thus the frame is nice and stiff yet able to give to shocks as there are no glued joints to concentrate stress.
  • With a strong polyester/polyurethane skin you can seal launch these boats as you could a composite boat. (Skin samples available - see below)
  • Lifted with one hand - with the impact strength of a standard composite boat
  • Solid or Semi-translucent skin coating.
  • Simple technology, high proportion of locally sourced and recycled materials - maintains quality and competitive price.

    Custom Kayaks

  • Two types of kayak, standard and custom
  • Standard Kayak is built to the same specification as custom but just one size, see above.
  • Standard kayak £1350
  • Custom built to match your weight and specifications £1500


    Please e-mail for further details: info@cornwallcustomkayaks.co.uk

    Book a free trial in a skin on frame boat - Come down to Cornwall and try one
    Send for a skin sample info@cornwallcustomkayaks.co.uk
    Or simply phone Chris Pease on 01209 217114 mobile 07964 943193

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  • 01209 217114 mobile 07964 943193